This Exists: Florida Teens Write ‘Hoot For Newt’ Rap Anthem To Show Support For Gingrich

Politicians are well-known for playing standard musical fare at campaign events, but Newt Gingrich supporters who showed up early to a speech he gave yesterday in Florida would have heard a rap song playing with lyrics telling people to support Gingrich for president. The song was written by three 18-year-olds from St. Lucie, and they got permission from the campaign to play their song at the event.

According to CNN, one of the rapper’s mothers is a local county co-chair of Gingrich’s campaign, and to raise the candidate’s profile among young people, the three of them decided to write a rap song because “all the kids listen to rap.” They normally do rock music, apparently, but this song is a decidedly unconventional method of raising awareness about Gingrich.

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The song’s anthem declares “Hoot hoot hoot! Hey everybody vote for Newt!” and it contains lyrics like “anything’s possible with president Newt” and “got all pro-life up in this thang.” Two members of the group managed to get their picture taken with the candidate, and already the song has made the internet rounds.

Listen to the song below, courtesy of HuffPostPolitics:

h/t CNN

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