Ouch: Florida Senate Campaign Ad Attacks Likely Opponent For Ties To Hooters And Bar Brawls

Republican congressman Connie Mack has not even won his primary race to win the official nomination to run for Senate against incumbent Bill Nelson, but Nelson’s campaign is already trying to get ahead of the curve by with a very anti-Mack attack ad. The ad brings up a report that Mack was involved in a bar fight, his connections to the Hooters franchise, and his frequent absence from Congress.

The attack ad says that Mack is a “promoter for Hooters” and has a “history of barroom brawling” and road rage. It cites a report from POLITICO back in April saying Mack missed 41 percent of all votes taken by Congress in 2012 so far, opting to focus on the campaign trail instead. The ad ends with the caption “He thinks the rules are different for him.”

The National Republican Senate Committee responded yesterday, and specifically reprimanded Nelson for bringing up Mack’s road rage and bar brawls, particularly when that particular issue hits close to home for him.

“It is disappointing that 40-year politician Bill Nelson would use an event that took place in his opponent’s personal life 20 years ago to distract from his own abysmal record. Such an attack is particularly surprising, considering that Nelson’s own son was recently arrested for both disorderly intoxication and assaulting a police officer. Senator Nelson, perhaps more than most people, should recognize that his attempt to leverage a person’s youthful mistakes for his own political advantage is shameful.”

Nelson’s campaign manager responded by saying that Mack needs to stop “blam[ing] others” and start taking responsibility for his past actions.

Watch the ad below:

h/t Tampa Bay TImes

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