This Exists: Police Investigate After Couple Tapes Themselves Having Sex…While Skydiving

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Imagine you’re Alex Torres, a California man. You want to get the attention of Howard Stern, but how? Lets see…you’re a porn star as well as a skydiving instructor, you own a camera, and your friendly with the skydiving school’s pretty receptionist. Is there any possible way to use all those elements together. Hmmm…

In case you haven’t guessed (What? Do you not read headlines?), Torres and the receptionist headed up in a plane, videotaped themselves having sex, and then continued the proceedings right out into the sky. The video was then posted on Torres’ private blog and was soon getting passed around by the students at the local high school. This caught the attention of the local police department. However, and this is the best part, after they investigated and confirmed that the pilot of the plane wasn’t distracted and everyone was of legal age, they found they could file no criminal charges. Apparently, no one was looking up at the right time so there have been no public nudity complaints.

NBC San Diego is reporting that Torres has been fired from the skydiving school but that they haven’t decided whether or not to punish the receptionist. I vote no. You rarely find coworkers that helpful and supportive.

Watch a video report on the story from KGET:

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