Morning Joe Points and Laughs At Ted Cruz After Porn Tweet


As Morning Joe wrapped up Tuesday, the regulars couldn’t let pass a humorous moment that rollicked Twitter last night.

For it was last night that Texas Senator Ted Cruz liked a Tweet from a pornographic Twitter account. And though the post was only liked for 40 minutes — that was enough to send the social media network into a tailspin.

“Now to the most important story of the day,” said Mika Brzezinski with mischievous glee. “Shortly after midnight last night, the Twitter account of Senator Ted Cruz.”

Scarborough groaned “Oh come on,” he said. “I don’t want to.”

“This is important,” Mike Barnicle deadpanned. “The public has a right to know.”

Scarborough punted.

“Mike, you read this. I don’t want to know this.”

From there Barnicle did it straight.

Shortly after midnight last night, the Twitter account of Ted Cruz liked an extremely explicit posted by the account @sexual posts. The Republican lawmaker from Texas was among more than 400 accounts to like the two-minute long video. Within minutes Cruz’s like went viral on social media. According to The Verge, Cruz’s account unfaved the post roughly 40 minutes later.”

“Who’s doing that at midnight?” Brzezinski chimed in — seemingly unaware of when most humans watch pornography.

“For 40 minutes,” added a clearly impressed Barnicle.

… This is getting weird.

Then the show brought up that time a soft core porn actress appeared in a Ted Cruz campaign ad.

Though JScar may have been above such puerile stuff, the segment was tame. Mike and Mika could have also mentioned Cruz’s fondness for serial masturbation in college — a subject we have covered at length on Mediaite.

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