This Exists: Tea Party Movement Now Has Its Own Rap Video!


When news broke that a new conservative cable channel was premiering, many wondered what the difference between the forthcoming RightNetwork (or “RIGHTNETWORK” as their official website declares) and Fox News. However viewing the videos on the new network’s YouTube page make the distinction clear. While some see Fox News has a right-leaning bent, they recently made it clear that they will not officially support the Tea Party, or any other political movement. The RightNetwork, on the other hand, makes no bipartisan claims and has funneled their money into producing a music video for Tea Party rapper, Polatik which, as we teased this morning, is kind of awesome.

The video, which was nestled amongst clips of Kelsey Grammer explaining the premises of new reality shows, is for Polatik’s song “That’s a Tea Party” that features performance footage from numerous Tea Party events and rallies. The lyrics seek to explain what the Tea Party movement is all about and does so with the following chorus:

“Fiscally responsible?
That’s a Tea Party
Promotes a free market?
Yes, that’s a Tea Party
Limited government’s the only solution
Our only foundation should be the Constitution”

Who knew the phrase “fiscally responsible” could ever sound that catchy?

Of course, while Polatik claims the movement isn’t a “race thing” and the director makes a point of showing a lot of black faces, the video does show the problem with recording performances at events that lack diversity. Fortunately, the video makes up for its clunky choreography with cameos by a veritable who’s who of famous Tea Partiers who all appear via archival footage. And the song is kind of catchy. It’s not going to get heavy rotation on our iPods any time soon, but it’s definitely a better Tea Party anthem than that awful Victoria Jackson song (she also appears in the video, following fellow SNL-star, Sarah Palin).

So, as we move closer to the summer launch of the RightNetwork, it’ll be interesting to watch how they try to define themselves. With these videos they’ve managed to capture both rap fans as well as Frasier fans; two markets that, combined, make up about 95% of the country.

Then again, it’s possible that the new network may actually be a hoax. All of this news about an extreme right-wing channel that makes Fox News seem more centrist, could just be brilliant viral marketing for Glenn Beck’s new book! If that’s the case, at least we’re getting some rocking music out of it.

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