This Ice Bucket Challenge Nearly Turned Deadly

Okay, this Ice Bucket Challenge meme is starting to get out of hand (even if it is for a good cause). A photographer attempted a pretty insane stunt for the Ice Bucket Challenge and ended up in the hospital.

And what was the stunt? A plane flew overhead and dumped 396 gallons of water on him.

What the hell.

Bruno Brokken had apparently decided this would be a different and unique way to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge, but it didn’t go as planned. Getting 396 gallons of water (I mean, holy sh*t…) dumped on him seriously injured Brokken. He was taken to the hospital immediately.

Brokken is still in the hospital, but has “not sustained any internal injuries.”

[h/t Jalopnik]
[image via Shutterstock]

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