This Is Real: Media Matters Installs A ‘Glenn Beck Phone’


The war of the symbolic telephone line is on! Regular viewers of Glenn Beck will likely be familiar with the fact that a while back Beck installed a red phone on his set so that the White House could call him and correct any factual errors he might have made whilst proving his case that the current administration are Mao enthusiasts (and other stuff). Alas, perhaps not surprisingly the phone has yet to be put to use.

Well two can play at that game! Or four if you count the actual red phone in the White House, which I think still exists in some capacity (oh those simple Cold War days). Anyway, Media Matters, the site which apparently inspired this week’s fact-checking mania when they dubbed Beck the ‘Misinformer of the Year’ is not taking Beck’s harried response lying down. They have got their own phone! I’m not kidding. They literally got their own ‘Beck Phone.’ From Media Matters:

“Media Matters’ President Eric Burns sent Beck a letter inviting the Fox News host — who has repeatedly professed an interest in accuracy — to call the newly installed “Beck phone” anytime he believes he is being unfairly criticized.”

After the jump Burns’ full fact re-checking letter. Be warned, it’s long. Of course, in a perfect cable world some enterprising teenage computer whiz would get their hands on the actual phone number for Beck’s red phone (presuming it exists) and proceed to call in with a killer Obama impersonation. Hello America!

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