Teen Abducted in Infancy Defends Kidnapper: ‘She Loved Me For 18 Years’

Don Lemon Hits Back at ‘Fake Information’ That He’s ‘Making Excuses’ for Chicago Torture Suspects

This Mugshot Being Shared is NOT of the Chicago Torture Video Suspect

Despite No Evidence of Black Lives Matter Involvement, #BLMKidnapping Trending on Twitter

Urban Meyer’s Brother-In-Law Arrested for Sexual Assault and Kidnapping

New Zealand Jiu-Jitsu Champ: I was Kidnapped, Robbed by Brazilian Police

‘Affluenza’ Teen’s Attorney Suggests His Mother Might’ve Abducted Him to Mexico

18-Year-Old Ohio Boy Discovers He’s Been Missing From Alabama For 13 Years

Journalists Covering Story of Stolen iPad Prototype Somehow Forget a Human Was Kidnapped Too

Taliban Chief Allegedly Excited to Kidnap More Americans After Bergdahl Deal

Jihadists to Boko Haram: Look, Even We Don’t Kidnap Schoolgirls

Cleveland Kidnapping Victims Want Joan Rivers to Apologize for Joke About Them

Cleveland Kidnapping Victim Testifies At Ariel Castro Sentencing: ‘I Will Live On, You Will Die A Little Every Day’

Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Won’t Go To Trial, Gets Sentenced To Life Without Parole

Cleveland Kidnapping Victims Release Thank You Video: ‘Through Hell And Back With My Head Held High’

Chris Matthews Guest Speculates That Kidnapped Cleveland Three ‘Chose’ Not To Run Until Now

Smoking Gun Reports: Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey A Repeated Domestic Abuser With Jail Time

Charles Ramsey Begins National Media Tour: Talks Kidnapping Rescue With GMA’s George Stephanopoulos

LISTEN: Cleveland Kidnapping Hero Charles Ramsey’s Incredible 911 Call

NBC News’ Richard Engel Released Safely After Kidnapping And Five Day Captivity In Syria

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