This Video is Here to Remind us ‘How Lovely’ it Is to be a Woman in 2016


If you’ve been on the Internet recently, you know the general consensus is that 2016 has pretty much been the worst. And with President-Elect Donald Trump, who believes it’s okay to “grab women by the pussy” if you’re famous, Vice President Elect Mike Pence, who is Governor of Indiana, where many Planned Parenthood locations had to close due to lack of funding, and a Republican-controlled congress coming in just a few short weeks, the non-profit organization’s funding is threatened.

Enter Missy Modell, whose perfect Bye Bye Birdie parody of the song “How Lovely to Be a Woman” touches on some of the issues that women have faced and are facing this year.

“How lovely to be a woman, the wait was well worthwhile,” Modell sings. “You’re pressured to wear mascara, and told that you should smile / How lovely to earn a paycheck, that’s lower than earned by men / Whenever you hear boys whistle, ignore them and pretend / It’s wonderful to feel, the fears that women feel / It gives you such a glow, just to know, your rights are getting repealed.”

Then: “How lovely to be a woman, and have one job to do / To give birth to lots of babies, cause rich men want you to!”

But the best line of all is also the most horrifying. “How wonderful to know, the things a woman knows / How thrilling to be raped, on a date, then blamed for wearing tight clothes.”

At the end of the video, a message flashes reminding everyone Planned Parenthood needs our support.

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