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Thomas Friedman Calls Trump ‘Deeply Disturbed Person’ After Viral Column Issuing ‘Code Red’ on Russia

Columnist Thomas Friedman appeared on CNN’s New Day to discuss his viral column for the New York Times issuing a “code red” — and calling President Donald Trump the “biggest threat to the integrity of our democracy today.”

Friedman explained that his column — his most widely circulated ever — was written in response to Trump’s reaction to the special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians for election meddling.

The columnist said that Trump has a history of violating the norms of a president, but that what is truly concerning is the president’s ignoring “public warnings by his three intelligence chiefs” telling him “our democratic system is being attacked by a foreign power.”

“When he doesn’t respond to that, he’s not violating norms anymore, that’s violating his oath of office to defend and protect the constitution. And that’s why I said ‘code red.'”

“People are worried about our country,” Friedman continued. “This is America. Our country is at stake. Our president is a disturbed person. And he’s behaving in ways that are simply inexplicable that tell you he is either compromised because the Russians have been funding his companies in ways that he would find would be embarrassing if publicly disclosed. That’s why he hasn’t shown his tax returns. Or because of behavior he engaged while in Moscow or he is simply a towering fool who is ignoring the advice of his intelligence chiefs being made in public.”

“That is not presidential. That is deeply disturbing behavior,” Friedman asserted. “Our president is a disturbed person.”

The columnist went on to decry House Republicans for being complicit with the current administration, and pointing out that there would be impeachment hearings if a President Hillary Clinton did anything that Trump has done.

Watch above, via CNN.

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