Tiger Gets Spooked By Its Own Food: a ‘Brave’ Feisty Goat


When officials at Primorsky Safari Park in Russia introduced Timur the goat into a Siberian tiger’s pen this week, they intended for the creature to serve as dinner for the ferocious feline.

Instead, in a remarkable display of “bravery,” Timur warded off an attack by the predator tiger, eventually chasing the Siberian tiger out of his own sleeping place.

“The goat was very brave. He flashed his horns or retaliated every time the Amur attacked,” Dmitry Mezentsev, the park’s director, told RIA, according to Huffington Post. “The wary tiger was confused by this, and he decided not to mess with the goat.”

The Siberian tiger was relegated to sleeping on the shelter’s roof, while Timur lounged in the tiger’s former “bedroom.”

Despite an aggressive greeting, officials said Timur has taken a liking to the tiger, often shadowing the cat around the enclosure.

“Timur follows the Amur everywhere, and the tiger quietly tolerates it.” Mezentsev said, adding the goat “worries when the tiger disappears from sight, and will start looking for him.”

Interestingly, Mezentsev notes the Siberian tiger usually eats the animals they introduce into his enclosure, including goats. “Year-round, we feed the tigers live prey twice a week,” he said.

For now, Timur — named for a courageous boy in a popular Russian children’s book — seems to have escaped such a fate. “It’s a worthy name for such a fearless animal,” officials told NBC.

Watch video of the goat chasing the tiger above, via Youtube.

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