Tommy Christopher: ‘Jesus Would Get Crucified In A Republican Primary’

This morning, Mediaite’s own Tommy Christopher stopped by Current TV’s Full Court Press with Bill Press. Both he and Press were amused by the lukewarm endorsement Mitt Romney got from Pat Robertson, an endorsement that could basically be paraphrased as “Sure he’s not Jesus but what’re ya gonna do?” Christopher found it especially funny considering, as he argued, even if Jesus were running, he’d never make it through a Republican Primary.

Taking the ol’ “Even Ronald Reagan would be too liberal for modern conservatives” type of argument to its logical extreme, Christopher pointed out why the Jesus could be the King of Kings…but not a Republican candidate.

“It was a lousy endorsement, but the thing making me laugh was the idea of Jesus running against Obama. I can just see the ads now. ‘Jesus turned water into wine, devastating the liquor industry. He brought loaves and fishes, killing hundreds of fishing and baking jobs.’ Y’know? Jesus would get crucified during a Republican Primary.”

I have neither gone to enough CPACs or read enough of the Bible to really comment on how true Christopher’s statement was. Fortunately, we’ll never have to find out. Obviously, Jesus is too busy to run for office.

Watch the clip from Current TV below:

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