‘Too Racist for Breitbart?’ Twitter Points and Laughs as Fired Breitbart Writer Whines Online



Katie McHugh, who was fired from Breitbart after an incendiary remark she tweeted in the wake of the London Bridge terror attack received widespread condemnation, took to Twitter Monday to complain about her ouster and seek cash to help with her newfound unemployment.

Breitbart cut ties with McHugh — who has a history of making incendiary comments on Twitter — on Monday, after she said that there “would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there” in a tweet.

After CNN’s Oliver Darcy reported that McHugh’s colleagues at Breitbart were angered by her tweet, McHugh retweeted an account that called her fellow staffers ‘“Cucks,” “pussies,” and “losers.”’

Now without a job, McHugh again took to Twitter to confirm she was fired “for telling the truth about Islam and Muslim immigration,” as well as to announce she was seeking to raise $10,000 to help her with medical bills while she searched for a new job.

In her fundraising post, she claimed her former employer “squealed at pressure from leftist CNN, which apparently has anonymous pro-Islam sources at Breitbart.”

McHugh complained that Breitbart was “silencing” her for “telling the truth about Islam,” and declared it’s “time to let the losers on the Left and on the Right know that we will support the truth tellers that they try to silence.”

In response to McHugh’s appeals to raise $10,000 in the wake of her firing for comments that were apparently too incendiary for Breitbart, Twitter reacted appropriately:

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