Top Creepy, Amusing Or Downright Perplexing Videos Of Kids Campaigning For Politicians

6. Again, Republican Congressman Ben Quayle may not be “a kid,” but he is former Vice President Dan Quayle‘s kid. And he thinks Barack Obama is the worst president of all time, ever, even worse than James Buchanan. And so Ben Quayle is going to march right through the screen and go punch Washington in the balls, but his hair is going to look immaculate the entire time because he is Ben Quayle so #%@ you.

7. Not only did Republican Alabama Congressional hopeful Rick Barber throw in a couple of cherubic child-soldiers in his glassy-eyed terror army for inclusion in this ad warning you that the government is enslaving you and probably sneaking off to sleep with your mom, but he threw in some kids at a concentration camp as well and soaked the whole thing in a deep, rich gravy made of classiness and tact. Special bonus: Glenn Beck.

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