Trump: Clinton Only Says ‘Radical Islam’ Because ‘I Shamed Her’ Into Doing It


Donald Trump said repeatedly in an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt that Hillary Clinton had only belatedly come around to saying “Radical Islam” because he had “shamed” her into doing so.

Trump sounded the familiar note of blasting the president for his reluctance to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.” Trump said that Obama “doesn’t want to say it still, he gave a whole speech on why he shouldn’t have to use those words.”

Following the attack in Orlando, the presumptive GOP nominee had called on Obama to resign and Clinton to drop out of the race because of their reluctance to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.” Afterward, Clinton told reporters she was “happy to say” the words while Obama gave a speech rebuking his critics on that point.

Trump took credit for Clinton’s change of heart and affirmed that she had only avoided using the words out of fear and deference to Obama.

“She said — after I shamed her, and that’s all it is –I mean she would never have said it,” Trump told Holt. “Number one, she’s petrified of him because she doesn’t want to go to jail, okay? So she’s gonna do whatever he says, I mean, take a look at her. She’s — she’ll do whatever he says. So she didn’t want to say it, really I think because of him. But then she started talking about it like she would be willing — I don’t think she said it yet — but she would be willing to say it — but she’ll say it soon. Because I’ve shamed her into saying it. And at some point she’ll say it. She said she will say it. She hasn’t said it yet. She will soon. But if I didn’t do what I do, you know, say what I — and if I wasn’t me or my type of personality — who, by the way, has the best temperament ever for being president.”

Watch the interview above, courtesy of NBC.

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