Trump Complains About Networks Not Covering Benghazi Mom Live. And Again, There’s Just One Problem.

Hey, remember yesterday how Fox News attacked other networks for not covering Pat Smith live when it turned out Fox’s rivals did but Fox didn’t? Well, I guess somehow this made its way to Donald Trump.

On the campaign trail today, Trump complained about the rigged media and said, “I mean, when they don’t take Patti Smith. When they don’t take Pat––who’s an unbelievable woman––and they give her virtually no airtime, and they give other people unbelievable amounts of air, it’s so unfair.”

Now, as mentioned in the piece linked above, CNN and MSNBC both covered Smith’s entire RNC speech live. Fox News did not.

But Trump complaining about networks not covering her is mighty hypocritical, because half of the reason Fox News did not cover her live was because Trump himself did an interview with Fox opposite her speech.

Yep, Fox went to commercial before she started talking, and when they returned from break, and she was still talking, Bill O’Reilly conducted an interview with Trump.

Now, his complaint also might be a subtle reference to the conservative complaint that Smith calling out Hillary Clinton was covered far less (and far less positively, let’s be honest here) than Khizr Khan‘s speech calling out Trump.

However, while Clinton’s response to Smith was a fairly standard one (albeit one that Smith was clearly angered by), Trump’s responses to the Khans were, well, not standard. And he himself has kept it going.


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