Trump: ‘Fake News Media in Our Country is the Real Opposition Party’…’Enemy of the People!’


President Donald Trump started the work week by tweeting an old chestnut designed to appeal to his base of supporters: criticizing the “Fake News & totally dishonest media” for ostensibly ignoring all the “success that our Country is having.” He continued by claiming that “Fake News will knowling lie and demean” his administration’s success resolving with “this is a sad day in America!”

Trump initially tweeted:

He followed this tweet with:

President Trump appears to be upset with media outlets for not covering a recent and glowing jobs report to the degree that he would prefer. In a vacuum of news, this would certainly get more attention than it has, but the nation is currently in day 17 of a government shutdown over a significant political impasse over Trump’s desire for Congressional funding over a border wall.

Trump critics often see his criticism as a psychological projection which is a defense mechanism in which the human ego denies the existence of negative qualities while attributing them to others. Or, in more layman’s terms, the “best defense is a good offense” approach to political rhetoric.



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