Trump Insists ‘MANY People’ Wanted to Be Chief of Staff After Announcing Mulvaney as Acting CoS


President Donald Trump wants everyone to know that Mick Mulvaney was not a last-ditch option to replace chief of staff John Kelly. Many people, Trump insisted, wanted the job.

“For the record, there were MANY people who wanted to be the White House Chief of Staff. Mick M will do a GREAT job!” Trump tweeted out.

His tweet comes just hours after Mulvaney was named the acting chief of staff.

Trump also announced that via a pair of tweets.

Yet, despite Trump’s latest Twitter revelation — possibly in response to cable news questioning why anyone would want the high-pressure White House job — Trump’s last pick actually turned down the job.

Nick Ayers also announced his decision in a tweet.

At the time, Trump pushed back on the idea Ayers was actually his first pick and said he was interviewing other people.

The names of those people, though, never came out and prior to Mulvaney’s appointment, the only person speculated to be actively vying for the post was Trump’s own son-in-law Jared Kushner.

There are also questions about how much Mulvaney actually wanted the job since months ago he said very clearly he did not.

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