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Trump: NBC, MSNBC ‘Probably as Bad or Worse’ Than ‘Fake News’ CNN

During an interview today with radio talk show host Mike Gallagher, President Trump took some shots at the media yet again.

Gallagher brought up “fake news” in the context of a CNN article headlined “President Trump’s mysterious absence from conservative talk radio.” He pointed out the numerous talk radio interviews Trump is doing today and said, “Here we go with more fake news.”

For the record, CNN’s Oliver Darcy wrote this in his report:

Last week, as this story was being prepared for publication, CNN asked the White House if the president planned on appearing on talk radio. On Monday, a White House official told CNN the president has carved time out of his schedule to participate in a talk radio event at the White House on Tuesday. Trump will participate in at least half-a-dozen interviews with regional and national hosts, the official said, though the person declined to say which hosts the President would be providing interviews to.

The President told Gallagher, “It’s fake news and it’s really disgraceful what they can say.” Trump also praised Gallagher and a few other talk radio hosts.

Gallagher spoke with Trump about getting his agenda through Congress. And as the President touted his accomplishments, he made an aside about how he’s treated in the media:

“Fox treats me very well. But I’ll tell you, CNN is fake news, MSNBC and NBC are terrible––they’re probably as bad or worse than CNN.”

Gallagher brought up the above CNN report again and Trump said, “They’re despicable people, they’re doing a terrible job.”

He also claimed that The New York Times and The Washington Post are “so inaccurate,” claiming they take something positive about his administration and spin it negative.

You can watch the interview above, via Mike Gallagher.

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