Anonymous White House Official ‘Confirms’ That Obama Never Called Kelly


White House officials seem like they are prepared to defend President Trump‘s latest comments about how Barack Obama supposedly never called grieving families who lost loved ones serving in the military.

Trump gave an interview to Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade today, and he doubled down on his false claim after previously trying to walk it back yesterday. The president invoked chief of staff John Kelly, who’s son, Robert, died in Afghanistan, and he wondered if Obama ever offered his sympathies to the retired general for his loss.

After Trump’s interview, the White House released this statement to the press, saying the former president never called Kelly:

NBC has noted in their subsequent reporting, however, that Kelly took part in events where the Obamas honored military families:

Beyond the question of whether Obama offered sufficient condolences to Kelly for his loss, there are a few online observers who are not impressed with the White House’s statement. Some are wondering why the White House insists on perpetuating Trump’s latest controversy, and others want to know if Kelly is happy about the idea that his dead son is being used to score political points:

Here’s what three former Obama officials had to say about this:

Some people, however, are more upset with NBC for not clarifying who spoke to them about Kelly:

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