Trump Rang in the New Year With Mob-Affiliated Convicted Felon Known as Joey No Socks


Earlier this week, video from one of the attendees of President-elect Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve bash showed Trump lavishing praise on one of his business partners from Dubai, once again bringing up concerns about the crossing of Trump’s business interests and the office he’ll soon hold.

Well, another guest of Trump’s that evening may also give the incoming POTUS some headaches.

Shown on stage with Trump while he addressed the crowd is a convicted felon who goes by the nickname Joey No Socks. Joseph Cinque, the owner of American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, was convicted of possessing stolen artwork in 1989 and has called himself a good friend of mob boss John Gotti.

As reported by CNN, Trump and Cinque have known each other for years and Trump has received a number of awards from him over the years. (Some of the awards having Trump’s own signature on it due to him being a chairman of the board of the organization.)

When asked about Cinque in May due to his mob ties and conviction, Trump denied knowing Joey No Socks all that well, claiming he had merely received awards from him and was unaware he was a felon. However, CNN showed clips of him praising Cinque and now we have video of the two sharing a stage at Trump’s NYE party.

When asked about Cinque’s attendance at the party and his standing next to the president-elect, Trump’s transition team had no comment.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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