Trump Refers To Himself in the Third Person While Claiming Memo ‘Totally Vindicates’ Him


You just knew it was eventually coming.

This morning while at the “Winter White House,” President Donald Trump tossed out a tweet about the release of the controversial Nunes memo that he authorized for release yesterday. While many observers saw the memo as a lead balloon that didn’t come close to proving the allegations it raised, Trump loyalists in the media and on the Hill pointed to it as a reason the Mueller probe needs to be dismantled.

The president didn’t go quite that far this morning, but he did say that the memo “totally vindicates” him while the “Russian Witch Hunt goes on and on.” He also described the memo’s purported findings as “an American disgrace,” something we heard from him yesterday. And, oh yeah, he referenced himself in the third person while placing his name in quotes.

It should be noted that while the Hannitys of the world are claiming the Mueller investigation needs to be dismantled right away due to the memo, Republicans on the committee and elsewhere in Congress have been saying that it doesn’t impugn the special counsel or his probe at all. It looks like we know where the president comes down on this now.

He also pointed to a recent Rasmussen poll that showed his approval rating jumping up to 49% while needling the media for not covering it. He also referenced that the 49% number was higher than what he normally had during the election.

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