Twitter Reacts to Nunes Memo: Reads ‘Like A Breitbart Article’


Memo Madness hasn’t come to much, according to many on Twitter.

The Nunes memo, whose potential public release has been the subject of a huge back-and-forth between the Democrats and Republicans in Congress, the FBI, and the White House, was just released, and the verdict is: That’s it?

The memo, which essentially alleges that the controversial Christopher Steele dossier compiled for Fusion GPS was an “an essential part” of the justification to renew a FISA warrant to surveil Carter Page, a former Trump foreign policy adviser.

The denizens of Twitter were fairly unimpressed by what was hyped up to be a world-rocking bombshell on deep-state abuses, seeing it more as a weak partisan smear on the FBI:


For their part, the FBI Agents Association tweeted a statement that it is not deterred by the memo and “will not allow partisan politics to distract” from its work:

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