Trump Schlonging it Out With Wall Street Journal Again

PicMonkey CollageAnyone who has followed the 2016 presidential race knows that there is no love lost between Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and the editorial board of the conservative Wall Street Journal. The paper has drawn Trump’s ire once again with an editorial that slaps Trump over, among other things, his refusal to attend the now-canceled Fox News debate and his inferior vote total as compared to Hillary Clinton’s.

That piece sent the real estate mogul feverishly rushing to his Twitter feed:

Trump didn’t address several of the paper’s other criticisms, such as his ominous “prediction” of violence at the convention and his self-counsel on foreign policy, but Trump does have a kernel of a point about the vote totals. Only an extremely well-paid campaign flack would ever make that comparison with a straight face. As for the debate, though, Trump has little choice but to weather the criticism that every frontrunner gets when they begin trying to avoid debates.

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