Trump Proudly Shares Photo of Pat Tillman, Ignores That He Likely Would Have Despised This President

President Donald Trump continued his crusade against the NFL and its players on Monday by retweeting a photo of a true American hero Pat Tillman — a former pro-football player who gave up a lucrative NFL career to fight for the country after 9/11. He was shot and killed by friendly fire while serving in Afghanistan.

Trump retweeted the Tillman photo this morning, along with a couple other tweets as he doubles-down on his attacks against players who protest the national anthem by kneeling.

Trump is not the first to present the Arizona Cardinals’ star in the national anthem debate. Tillman’s name has floated around the conservative media-sphere for the past year, as many have attempted to used him as a foil to Colin Kaepernick — their point being: Tillman was an American patriot who died for his country, while Kaepernick is anti-American who disrespects those who died while serving in the military.

While Tillman did leave the NFL to enlist in the Army after 9/11, he is hardly the icon of right-wing patriotism many conservative make him out to be.

Tillman was passionately opposed to George W. Bush, calling the wars “so fucking illegal” — according to the San Francisco Chronicle. He also was an atheist who held left leaning views and regularly corresponded with one of his favorite writers Noam Chomsky — a self-described libertarian socialist. Additionally, Tillman’s widow has voiced fierce criticisms of Trump, stating that the current administration “was not the country [Tillman] dreamed [of], not what he served and died for.”

The former NFL star’s family also believes Tillman’s death was covered-up by the military to defend their public image. So while its true that Tillman is the right person to invoke when talking heroism and patriotism but not so much when politicizing it.

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