Trump Slams NBC Parent Company Comcast After Watching Fox Business Report on Antitrust Concerns


President Donald Trump criticized Comcast in a tweet today after watching a Fox Business report.

Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino joined Neil Cavuto to deliver a report that the American Cable Association is asking the Justice Department to investigate Comcast for their alleged antitrust lawbreaking. The assumption from the ACA is that Comcast’s merger with NBC Universal will increase their anti-competitive practices and put a squeeze on the telecomm market.

As Gasparino explained that the Comcast-NBC situation is “much worse” than the AT&T-Time Warner deal, he also voiced his skepticism of the idea that the DOJ would break them up. He continued to say that the ACA’s lawsuit is more than likely a hopeful bid to legally restrict Comcast, and Trump will probably want that too since the president called Comcast “public enemy number one” in his previous slams against them.

As it were, Trump clearly noticed Gasparino’s comments since he received attribution from one of the president’s latest tweets:

As for Gasparino, he’s just happy his comments were recognized:

Close media observers might be aware that Gasparino often takes a critical tone when it comes to Trump, but he’s still taking things in stride.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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