Trump Supporter at Rally Says Shooting Immigrants Would Solve Border Crisis: ‘Just Start Shooting’


While at one of President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, a reporter for The Young Turks interviewed a Trump supporter who advocated for shooting Hispanic immigrants to stop them from crossing the border.

Rebel HQ correspondent Emma Vigeland prefaced the segment by playing a clip from Fox News host Tucker Carlson in which he decried the demographic changes brought on by both legal and illegal immigration. Vigeland then went out in a crowd of Trump supporters at the Mesa, Arizona rally and asked for their thoughts on Carlson’s commentary.

“What would solve the whole thing on the border if they would just start shooting. Only shoot a couple, and they would go home,” one Trump supporter said while sporting a Make America Great Again hat. When asked if he was advocating a “deterrent,” he replied: “If they would shoot.”

“If they just shot at them a few times, they would go back,” he added.

One Trump rally-goer said he would be fine with demographic changes if they were caused by legal immigration. Another called Carlson’s commentary “edgy,” and intended to “rile up a crowd.”

One woman accused Hispanic immigrants of trying to turn America into Mexico, which she is “opposed” to.

Another woman concocted a conspiracy theory about the so-called “caravan” of South and Central American immigrants making its way up toward America.

“4,000 Latinos coming less than a month before the midterm elections… It took some planning and someone’s behind it,” she concluded.

Watch above, via The Young Turks.

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