Trump-Supporting Twitter Accounts Trend #BoycottHawaii Over Travel Ban Ruling


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Twitter accounts that heavily promote Donald Trump are responsible for the #BoycottHawaii trend.

A federal judge in Hawaii issued an order Wednesday afternoon blocking several key portions of Donald Trump’s new travel ban just hours before it was set to take effect at midnight, according to our friends at LawNewz. That seems to have made some Twitter users angry. (We say ‘seems to’ because it’s honestly difficult to determine the level of sincerity held by the operators of these accounts. Scrolling their timelines, it tends to be more plausible that some of them are running a long-sighted trolling attempt than that they are genuinely tweeting about what they perceive as Trump’s greatness every few seconds.)

Recall that when the cast of Broadway’s mega-hit Hamilton upset Trump’s Twitter fans by speaking to Mike Pence after a show, the users responded with a call to boycott that, too. Also recall that it’s highly unlikely that any of them had access to tickets in the first place, as many people wait over a year for the chance to see the musical. At least when they boycotted Kellogg’s for refusing to advertise on Breitbart, it was reasonable to assume that some actually had Raisin Bran in their homes.

Anyway, a bunch of people have been insisting that though they had tickets to Hawaii, they aren’t going now. Others have been asking Trump to keep military personnel on base arrest or conflating the issue of taking in refugees with supporting undocumented immigrants.

General reactions have been strong, too.

Another day, another boycott.

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