Trump Throws a Fit Over Faulty Microphone: ‘Don’t Pay the Son of a Bitch’ Who Installed It


Once again, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump got angry with something that didn’t quite fall his way during a rally he held last night in Florida. As usual, he spent a good amount of time politically attacking various opponents, but he picked up a new enemy last night: the guy who equipped his podium with a bad microphone.

In the middle of saying how he’s “kicking ass” in the state (going after Ted Cruz with the birther question again), Trump started raving about how much he hates the mic he’s speaking into. The Hill reported that the mic was experiencing pops while he was speaking, and that the sound system cut out completely for those sitting in the nosebleed section of the rally.

“And by the way I don’t like this mic, whoever the hell brought this mic system, don’t pay the son of a bitch who brought it in,” said Trump through visible annoyance and several pops. “This mic is terrible, stupid mic keeps popping… Don’t pay him. You know I believe in paying but when somebody does a bad job like this you shouldn’t pay the bastard. Terrible! Terrible!”

“And you got to be tough with your people because they’ll pay, they don’t care,” Trump said, going on. “So we’re not going to pay. I guarantee I’m not going to pay for this mic. Every two minutes I hear like, ‘Boom! Boom!’”

Watch above, via ABC.

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