Trump’s Diversity Director Gets Visibly Frustrated With NBC’s Craig Melvin: ‘You’re Making Up Lies!’


During a panel discussion Tuesday afternoon on MSNBC about race and politics, one network guest who works on behalf of President Donald Trump decided to lay into anchor Craig Melvin during the segment.

Bruce LeVell, the Executive Director for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, took extreme issue with the point of Melvin’s opening question, which dealt with the Commander in Chief’s long-running unwillingness to denounce a rise in anti-Semitism. This morning, Melvin interviewed Trump at the National Museum of American History, where the MSNBC anchor forcefully got Trump to officially make the denouncement. “Of course. And I do it wherever I get a chance, I do it,” said Trump.

But LeVell wasn’t buying the argument that Trump hasn’t been inclusive of diversity, and angrily shot down any suggestion that the president didn’t denounce anti-Semitism sooner. Melvin opened up by asking LeVell, “Can you name the other times that the president has denounced anti-Semitism?”

LeVell responded by invoking the family of President Trump, saying, “It’s very hurtful for him, in general, because his daughter is Jewish, his son-in-law is Jewish.” He then continued by slamming Melvin: “This lie that keeps going up trying to label not being compassionate is preposterous.”

“What’s the lie, Bruce? What’s the lie?” counted the MSNBC anchor.

“What’s the lie?” replied LeVell. “He’s denounced it a thousand times!”

Melvin said back cooly, “He has not denounced it a thousand times.”

“His own baby daughter is Jewish, sir!” shot back LeVell. And when Melvin turned to another panelist to further the conversation by asking if he was missing something from LeVell’s logic, the Diversity Coalition exec shot out: “You’re missing something because you’re making up lies!”

Melvin took it in stride, replying, “Bruce, that’s not true, and let’s be civil here.”

Watch the bizarre exchange above, via MSNBC.

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