Trump’s Retaliatory Cancellation of Pelosi’s Trip Abroad Blows Up Twitter: ‘We’re a Failed State’


The Twitterverse is shaking its head in response to President Donald Trump‘s announcement that he’s cutting off House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just as she was set to head on a congressional trip to Europe and the Middle East.

Yesterday, the House Speaker made headlines when she sent Trump a request to postpone his State of the Union address until the government is no longer shut down over their dispute on his border wall. Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders released a letter saying Trump is “postponing” Pelosi’s congressional delegation to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan.

Trump says Pelosi can continue with her “public relations event” if she wishes, but she’ll have to fly commercial instead of taking a military aircraft typical for U.S. delegations traveling abroad. Political observers are taking swift notice of this development and are offering a plethora of responses.

Some remarked that the shutdown didn’t stopped Trump from going on his own travels abroad. This ties into questions of whether Trump will axe plans for his cabinet to travel to Davos in the coming days:

Others noted that Trump’s announcement came shortly before Pelosi’s delegation was scheduled to depart — and that he only found out about the trip Thursday morning.

And here’s a mix of snark, anger, disappointment, and everything in between:

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