Tweeters and Reporters Alike Are Furious Fallon Treated Trump Too Sweetly


screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-11-30-22-amLast night, a very airy interview between Donald Trump and Jimmy Fallon aired. Fallon mussed Trump’s hair. They had a little chat. It had the lighthearted feel of a regular celebrity interview.

It didn’t go over well with what looks like a pretty hefty amount of people. The headlines this morning have ranged from hesitant statements on Fallon’s role as enabler to outright insults of his “softball” segment.

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If people whose jobs require them to be critics were unkind, armchair pundits were downright nasty. “Jimmy Fallon” has been trending on Twitter for hours as he’s been name-checked repeatedly by people who believe he dropped the ball.

Another day, another batch of fury. 53 days to go.

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