Twitter Bids Farewell to Ty Cobb’s Glorious Mustache


Ty Cobb became the latest major figure to leave the White House today, so naturally, the Twitterverse had plenty of things to say about what this means for the Trump Administration.

The top lawyer is stepping down from the president’s legal team and being replaced by Emmet T. Flood. Since Cobb urged Trump to give Robert Mueller an interview and Flood is expected to recommend a more confrontational approach to the special counsel investigation, the development is likely to prompt a significant shift in the White House’s legal strategy.

Of course, since Cobb is known for his very prominent mustache, there were a lot of people who said that the White House’s biggest loss was in facial hair:

If you want a more serious takeaway, a lot of other Twitter users are digging up one of Trump’s tweets calling “fake news” on old reports that Cobb could be on his way out in the foreseeable future. Their reaction: the “fake news” ain’t so fake after all.

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