Twitter Has a Field Day with President Trump Addressing the Boy Scouts of America


President Donald Trump spoke today at the Boy Scouts of America and gave a speech the likes of which has probably never been seen at previous Jamborees. Given that the vast majority of those in attendance were Boy Scouts between the ages of 12 and 18, some found it odd that Trump trotted out his old rhetorical chestnuts like railing on “Fake News,” retelling his general election victory and outlining the failings of his former opponent Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps not predictably, Twitter had something of a field day pointing out the seeming absurdity with Trump’s speech and below are some tweets that caught our eye.

Some simply celebrated the pageantry:

Others noted the historic significance for Trump to attend:

While others mocked the politicization of Trump’s speech:

And others marked the odd decision to invite him:

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