Twitter Mocks Potential Biden-Abrams Ticket: Former Veep Trying to Show He Isn’t ‘Just Another Old White Guy’

Former vice president Joe Biden may — according to some — be trying to shed an “old, white guy” image by having Stacey Abrams as his 2020 presidential running mate. But many are mocking the former veep for the rumored potential move reported by Axios Thursday.

Abrams — the first black female major-party gubernatorial candidate in American history — narrowly lost her bid to be Georgia’s governor in 2018. According to Axios cofounder Mike Allen, the idea of Biden choosing Abrams as his running mate to show he’s not “just another white guy,” might be taken by the public as a “gimmick.”

Some are reacting in shock and dismay, while others are simply calling Biden’s consideration of Abrams “embarrassing.”

“Way to show that your campaign is a forced slog through intersectional territory rather than about a unifying message, Joe,” tweeted Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben ShapiroHuffington Post‘s Ashley Feinberg urged Biden to not run for office altogether, as it would be “genuinely bad for Democrats.”

Racial activist Shaun King says he does not think Abrams will take the spot if offered.

“She would be on the short list of every candidate and the eventual nominee. I also don’t think Joe Biden’s politics and views line up so well with hers,” tweeted King.

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