Twitter Mourns the Loss of Activist Erica Garner: ‘We’re Less Because of This Loss’


Last week, social justice activist Erica Garner suffered a heart attack that placed her in a coma. A few days later, the person running her verified Twitter account informed Garner’s followers that a CT scan revealed that Garner had suffered significant brain damage due to a lack of oxygen while she was in cardiac arrest. It was reported later that doctors had declared Garner brain dead.

This morning, the sad news came in that Garner had passed away.

The 27-year-old mother of two had become an outspoken critic against police brutality and an important voice for racial justice following her father’s death at the hands of New Tork police in 2014. Eric Garner’s plea to officers as he was being choked to death — “I can’t breath” — became a rallying cry for the Black Lives Movement.

Following news of her passing, a number of prominent activists, journalists and media fiugures took to Twitter to offer their condolences:

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