Twitter Outrage Kicks Into High Gear Over LA Times Op-Ed Highlighting Charles Manson’s ‘Human Side’


Hours after cult leader Charles Manson — the mastermind behind numerous gruesome murder sprees — died of natural causes at the age of 83, the Los Angeles Times ran an op-ed discussing the man’s “human side.”

“Manson, though, was no devil but a human being, as his death makes clear. I don’t say that to soften or absolve him. But I don’t believe in demons; people are frightening enough. Indeed, to accept Manson as a person, to see him through the filter of his humanity, is to acknowledge what we resist: that he was perhaps not so utterly different from the rest of us,” wrote LA Times contributing writer David Ulin.

Essentially, the op-ed writer was attempting to make the point that all evil people aren’t demons or supernatural creatures, but rather are human like the rest of us — which suggests we are capable of carrying out similar misdeeds.

However, Twitter didn’t take well to Ulin’s point, as the website — which is known for descending into outrage over poorly-worded headlines — heaped mockery and harshly-worded tweets at the article:

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