Twitter Rips Trump For POW Tweet, Just Weeks After McCain Bashing: ‘Thought You Liked People Who Weren’t Captured?’


President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday about prisoners of war, and was immediately and deservedly deluged with replies and retweets regarding the late Sen. John McCain, a former POW with whom Trump frequently clashed and who he famously insulted over being captured.

The President’s pro forma tweet was sent with the link to the Presidential Proclamation that was issued today for National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day.

In case there is still anyone who doesn’t know or doesn’t remember, this is what Trump said about McCain… or rather, one of the many things he’s said.

“He’s not a war here. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, okay? I hate to tell you. He’s a war hero, he was a war hero because he was captured, okay?”

And just as we’ve now reminded you, so Twitter reminded Trump. In droves.

There are SO many more. But not everyone went with a direct quote.

Maybe Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold had the best characterization of the natural reaction.

Sort of speechless. That fits.

Also there were dozens like this, with pictures or gifs of McCain, from during the Trump presidency all the way back to his wartime photos.

Still, the most appropriate gut response was from sports columnist Phil Barber.

But he did, of course. That’s how he does.

UPDATE: Meghan McCain responds.

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