Twitter Skewers Rudy Giuliani After Wild Interview With Chris Cuomo: ‘One Heck of a Sh*tshow’


Not a mere 48 hours after a relatively sedate interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham did Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani remind everyone that he’s still more than willing to drop the bombshells.

In a marathon showdown with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on New Day, Giuliani covered a huge amount of ground — contradicting the president about the presence of an informant in the Trump campaign, saying the president could indeed obstruct justice when others on President Donald Trump‘s legal team said he could not, and taking not-so-veiled swipes at Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Perhaps needless to say, Twitter had a field day breaking down this interview and excoriating Giuliani:

Watch just a snippet of the amazing interview above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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