Twitter Stunned By Dana Loesch’s New NRA Ad: ‘This Is Just Straight Fascism Now’


“We are witnesses to the most ruthless attack on a president…”
exclaims Conservative political commentator and generally terrifying person Dana Loesch in a new Twitter video ad by the National Rifle Association.

The unflinching, nearly unblinking delivery of Dana’s hyperbole in the video is introduced by an ominous sub-frequency and intercut with clips of the various ‘enemies’ and ‘saboteurs’ of the President and by Dana’s/the NRA’s logic, America. The thing that’s seemingly implied in the video is that gun-owners and NRA members are the last line of defense for America’s most sacred institutions and more importantly—of course—the Trump presidency.

Despite scaring the pants off of most rational observers, Dana concludes the video with the ironic slogan, “We are the National Rifle Association of America, and we are Freedom’s safest place.” Right…

Naturally, “Blue-Check Twitter” reacted with the best 140-character responses that the internet can offer:

If the NRA’s goal was to creep out “Blue-Checks” and non-NRA members, they succeeded. Well done Dana!

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