Twitter Users Reluctantly Trend #GirlIGuessImWithHer After Clinton Gets Required Delegates


Since the beginning of her campaign, Hillary Clinton has used the hashtag #ImWithHer to garner and indicate support. Every politician needs a good hashtag, after all.

On Tuesday night, when it became apparent that Clinton will almost surely get the Democratic nomination and her supporters vocally reveled in the nomination going to a woman for the first time in history, Twitter user @MadBlackThot shared the following concession:

Plenty of people who had wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders but who absolutely refuse to vote for Donald Trump felt that the hashtag summed up how they felt, so they got it trending.

Notably, the hashtag was started and fueled by people of color, a community that has long been resistant to Clinton’s message and suspicious of her motives.

Of course, some people were annoyed by the idea that they will be forced to choose between what they see as two evils, or even be forced to vote at all.

The originator of the hashtag, at least, has something to smile about beyond the inevitable vote she will have to cast in November.

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