Uh-Oh! SpaghettiOs Sends Tasteless Pearl Harbor Tweet


It’s almost as if the SpaghettiOs marketing team wanted a barrage of “Uh-Oh! SpaghettiOs” headlines, which we are more than happy to oblige. The canned spaghetti brand sent out a tweet commemorating the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor Friday night and were immediately taken to task on Twitter for what many clearly saw as a tone deaf move.

It wasn’t long before some big name media figures got in on the act:

Rolling Stone’s Tim Dickinson was one of the first journalists to notice the questionable tweet:

Fox News’ Andy Levy had a similar reaction:

Keith Olbermann and Jake Tapper were mostly just confused:

But some of the best reactions came from comedian Patton Oswalt:

Soon, Twitter users were sending Oswalt their own photoshopped images of the SpaghettiO witnessing other historical atrocities:

What do you think? Harmless marketing message or insensitive branding ploy?

UPDATE (5:50pm ET): The day after sending out the Pearl Harbor-themed tweet that caused an unexpectedly large uproar on Twitter, SpaghettiOs, which is owned by the Campbell Soup Company deleted the original message and issued an apology:

[image via Twitter]

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