USAA Reinstating Ads on Hannity After Receiving Criticism From Military Members



Last week, it was reported that Fox News host Sean Hannity started to see a number of advertisers bolt from his television program. This all occurred after Hannity used his show to push an unproven conspiracy theory related to the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Fox News would eventually retract their report that claimed Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks before his death and Hannity said on his show that he’d stop talking about it for the time being.

Well, it now appears that one of his advertisers is willing to come back to the fold. According to the Associated Press, USAA is now saying they will reinstate their ads on Hannity:

The USAA financial services firm says it is reinstating its advertising on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel program after receiving heavy criticism from many of the military members and veterans that it serves.

Immediately after the news broke, Hannity took to Twitter to advise his followers to support USAA:

Hannity has openly complained about the liberal watchdog Media Matters for publishing a list of his advertisers in the wake of the Seth Rich controversy, labeling it “liberal fascism” and a “kill shot.”

He is scheduled to return to his show this evening after taking a couple of days off last week ahead of the Memorial Day weekend. Fox News has publicly stated their support for Hannity amid the turmoil.

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