VA Schools Close After Assignment Asks Students to Write ‘There is No God But Allah’


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.53.43 PMAugusta County School District in Virginia cancelled school Friday citing security concerns after a teacher’s lesson on calligraphy garnered hateful messages from across the country.

The assignment by Riverheads High School teacher Cheryl LaPorte asked students to copy the shahada, a Muslim statement of faith that translates as “there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

During a forum Tuesday night, parents expressed outrage over the school’s “indoctrination.” Augusta County parent Kimberly Herndon said the teacher took away the rights of the students, telling the forum, “if my truth can not be spoken in schools, I don’t want false doctrine spoken in schools. ”

“She gave up the Lord’s time,” Herndon added. “She gave it up and gave it to Mohammed.”

In a statement to Fox News, the school district stood by the LaPorte, denying allegations that the teacher was attempting to indoctrinate students into the Muslim faith.

“Neither these lessons, nor any other lesson in the world geography course, are an attempt at indoctrination to Islam or any other religion, or a request for students to renounce their own faith or profess any belief,” the statement read.

Still, the district said it was closing schools out of an abundance of caution, noting “while there has been no specific threat of harm to students,” the decision was made “based on the recommendations of law enforcement and the Augusta County School Board.”

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