Trevor Noah Mocks Kim Jong-un’s Love For Combining War With Pop Music


On Thursday night’s Daily Show, host Trevor Noah set his sights on the recent success of the North Korean pop music group Moranbong. Of course, since it’s the DPRK, there are certain limitations to how the North Korean people can enjoy the group’s concerts, and Noah wasted no time in skewering the crowd’s robotic celebrations.

On the heels of a segment earlier this week where Noah exposed some of the musical talents of members of the Islamic State, a jump to covering North Korea’s Moranbong wasn’t too far of a departure. The Daily Show host poked fun at the claim — according to North Korea propaganda, of course — that the group Moranbong was formed by supreme leader Kim Jong-un himself.

The subsequent footage showing North Korea concert goers in uniform is strange enough, though not unique from typical reported social outings within the country’s borders. “Pop culture and military culture tend to overlap,” reveal Noah, before cutting to footage out of the DPRK that reveals the heart of its usual propaganda: conveying exaggerated military strength.

When the video that plays on stage behind Moranbong shows a North Korean missile hitting the United States, Noah notes, “I don’t want to ruin the moment — but did they notice they didn’t just blow up America there, you blew up the entire planet! I mean technically, yes, you got America but the joke’s on you North Korea! Where are you gonna hold the after party?”


Watch the above clip from Comedy Central.

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