Fox Host Slams Transgender Policies: ‘Outrageous’ Our Daughters Will Share a Bathroom With Boys


Stuart Varney is no fan of many of President Barack Obama‘s policies. The Fox Business anchor regularly blasts the President’s executive overreach on a variety of issues, and tends to be a harsh critic specifically of how the Obama administration has handled the economy.

And as of Thursday, you can safely add the conversation of transgendered rights to that pile, as Varney slammed the White House for its recent legislative efforts.

After a sweeping declaration early last week to all US public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their gender identity under threat of withholding federal funds, the Obama administration took its most drastic step yet in this ongoing debate. As of Wednesday, ten additional states are now suing the Obama administration over the maneuver, joining Texas to counter an effort, “to accomplish by executive fiat what they couldn’t accomplish through the democratic process in Congress,” according to the suit.

“If you’re a boy, you can choose the girls’ bathroom if that’s what you want!” Varney said to neatly clean up the debate during an interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano. “And if I disagree with this policy, I’m a bigot. Is that correct?”

Varney continued to highlight what he viewed as the egregious overstep of the administration over states’ rights, noting, “We’re being told that our seven year-old daughters and granddaughters will now have to go to the bathroom with boys. That is outrageous.”

Watch the above video from Fox Business to hear the rest of the exchange between Varney and Judge Nap.

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