Viral Video of Woman Ejected From Ladies’ Room Shows Bathroom Bills’ Greatest Flaw


The recent anti-transgender “bathroom bills” and Target’s announcement of its inclusive bathroom policy have become the latest cultural wedge issue to be seized upon by the hateful likes of Ted Cruz, but a viral video that’s exploding on Facebook makes the case against discriminatory bathroom laws and policies as effectively as any of the blistering arguments that have been made against them. The video purports to show a lesbian woman being ejected from a ladies’ room in North Carolina by police, who explicitly state that they received a complaint of a “man” in the women’s restroom:

The video is not actually from North Carolina, in all likelihood, and the “police” are clearly security guards, and as Snopes points out, the video was posted to another Facebook account months before the controversy over North Carolina’s bathroom bill erupted, but nevertheless, its relevance to the current debate is undeniable. How are police supposed to enforce such laws without violating the privacy of innocent citizens like the woman in this video?

How do I know she’s a woman, you may ask. Well, she says she’s a woman, and she’s in a ladies’ room, and there is absolutely no evidence to the contrary. Unlike this woman, the man who recently trolled Target over their bathroom policy didn’t claim to be a woman. How, then, will police handle the inevitable complaint from a man who actually is willing to claim he’s a woman, and has no identification to provide? Good question. I suppose they’ll just allow him to loiter in the ladies’ room raping people all day, just like they do in states without bathroom bills, right?

God help me, but Donald Trump was right (the first time).

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