WaPo Reporter Suggests Trump Voters Too Stupid To Understand Russia Probe


On MSNBC Wednesday morning, Hallie Jackson wanted to bring a different voice to the conversation by interviewing Donald Trump voters in Central Virginia. Joining her was Washington Post White House Correspondent Ashley Parker, who suggested that difficult and hard-to-pronounce Russian names were alienating Trump country voters from the story.

Jackson talked about her recent trip to Virginia and said she was surprised about how unconcerned voters there were with the Trump Jr. meeting.

“What they didn’t talk a lot about was Russia, you bring it up and then the sense is ‘well maybe that is a concern, but not at the top of my mind,'” Jackson said.

To demonstrate she showed a clip of Lori Valantiejus, a Trump voter in Virginia.

“Everybody has said there is nothing illegal about what he did. It might have been a stupid choice, but we all make stupid choices,” Valantiejus said.

After that, Jackson asked Parker, if reporters should stop reporting on the Russia meeting.

Certainly not she said before lamenting that Trump’s simpleton voters might just not be up to understanding the complexities of the scandal.

“No, the reporters report on news and are going to continue to uncover that, but I do think it is worth remembering in the beltway…what doesn’t matter to voters. And in a way it’s understandable that Russia is not the most trenchant issue, it’s not related to their day to day lives, if they can drop their kids at daycare, if they can put food on the table, and it’s very complicated. These names are incredibly hard to pronounce, there’s lots of confusing connections, there’s now eight people, they dripped out one by one, I mean there is not an easy narrative to take stock of.”

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