WaPo’s Dave Weigel Apologizes for Slamming Drudge, Washington Examiner


The Washington Post’s David Weigel has issued an apology after e-mails he wrote on the liberal journalist listserv Journolist were leaked to FishbowlDC gossip blogger Betsy Rothstein.

Weigel–who has been in the midst of a two week-long feud with Matt Drudge, the Washington Examiner gossip mavens Nikki Schwab and Tara Palmeri and Rothstein over comments he made about Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-N.C.)–said that he believed the Journolist was a “place to talk bluntly to friends” and that he didn’t expect the comments to go public.

On the list, started by Ezra Klein, Weigel slammed Drudge for suggesting that Weigel was defending Etheridge and went after the Examiner for a rather petty post about his dancing at a wedding that included information about his girlfriend. The dancing post became fodder for Rothstein and the Examiner’s Timothy Carney.

After feuding over Twitter and email, Weigel apparently took his gripes to the listserv saying, among other things:

– “This would be a vastly better world to live in if Matt Drudge decided to handle his emotional problems more responsibly, and set himself on fire.””

–  “Follow-up to one hell of a day: Apparently, the Washington Examiner thought it would be fun to write up an item about my dancing at the wedding of Megan McArdle and Peter Suderman. Said item included the name and job of my girlfriend, who was not even there — nor in DC at all.”

In his apology, Weigel said “I apologize to Matt Drudge for this — I was incredibly frustrated with the amount of hate mail I was getting and lashed out. If he wants to link to this post with some headline accusing me of wishing death on him, I suppose he can do so. But I don’t wish that. I was tired, angry, and hyperbolic, and I’m sorry.”

He was less apologetic, however, to the Examiner saying he stood by his comments because he “was offended by the way that item was written.”  He also refused to take back his encouragement to avoid the Examiner’s website, although he regretted saying “I know the temptation is high to follow up hot hot Byron York scoops, but please resist it.”

Rothstein, who has made Weigel her favorite target of late, was gleeful on Twitter about the scoop and Weigel’s mea culpa, tweeting: “That Weigel is a sneaky bastard. He tried to pre-empt me. But I forgive him. I won’t hug him but I forgive him.”

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