Betsy Rothstein

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out the Daily Caller For Story on Fake Photo of Her Feet

Daily Caller, Buzzfeed Writers Hysterically Spar in ‘Battle of the Assholes’ on Twitter

Montel Williams Calls for Daily Caller Reporter’s Firing for ‘Uncle Tom’ Tweet About Him

The 14 Most Important Media Reporters in America

Google’s ‘Bigotry’ Definition Includes ‘Right-Wing’ as Example; Here’s Why

The Daily Caller Calls Out Joe Scarborough for Potential NBC Rule Violations

Wonkette Posts Anonymous ‘Tip’ That Betsy Rothstein Is ‘Out At FishbowlDC’

FishbowlDC On Asian-American Veterans Affairs Official Jennifer Lee: ‘Mi So Horny’

The Daily Caller Scribe Mickey Kaus’ Bizarre, Revealing Takedown Of Ezra Klein

Washington Post’s Erik Wemple Chastises Fishbowl DC And Editor Betsy Rothstein In Connection With Lawsuit

Video: When Scary Blackity-Black Preacher Jeremiah Wright ‘Snaps!’

Toxic Caller, G: The Daily Caller Mocks Late Ohio Restaurateur Within Hours Of Death

Jake Tapper On CNN Rumor: ‘I Couldn’t Be Happier Where I Am Right Now’

Roasturbation: Politico Posts Own Roast For 5th Anniversary

GOP Rep. Sensenbrenner Apologizes To First Lady Michelle Obama For Insulting Her Figure

Eric Cantor Spokesman Brad Dayspring Defends Following ‘Sexy Twitpics’ Twitter Account

Blowback Over The Daily Caller’s Mike Tyson/Sarah Palin Article Gets Riehl Nasty

WaPo Express Gives Good Headline: ‘Libya Ferrets Out Gadhafi’s Taint’

Update: Labor Reporter Mike Elk Goes Off On The Atlantic‘s ‘New Work Era Summit’

Peace In Our Time: Dave Weigel Sort Of Makes Up With FishbowlDC’s Betsy Rothstein

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